Mason County Michigan

Recording & Copy Fees

Mason County Register of Deeds

Fee Schedule

For recording any deeds, mortgages, lis pendens or any other instrument:
Recording fee
$30.00 per document

Any document that assigns or discharges more than one instrument; $3.00 shall be added to the fee for each instrument so assigned or discharged.

Warranty deeds, land contracts and assignment thereof, or deeds that contain a covenant of warranty must have a tax certificate from the County Treasurer’s Office.  

Michigan Real Estate Transfer Tax is due on all deeds or instruments of conveyance of property or any interest in property for a consideration.  Some instruments may be exempt from either state or county transfer tax or both.  For county exemptions, click here.  For state exemptions, click here.  All exemptions MUST be stated on the document.

Copy, Search & Certification Fees:

Copy all records per page   $1.00
Copy of plats per page   $2.00
Certification of any copies   $5.00
Search Real Estate Records - per name   $  .50 per year - $5.00 minimum
Search State Tax Lien Certificate   $3.00 per name searched
Search Federal Tax Lien Certificate   $3.00 per name searched

Updated February 07, 2018