Mason County Michigan

Register of Deeds

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In accordance with the Constitution of the State of Michigan, the County Register (or Registrar) of Deeds is an officer of the county and as such is elected on a partisan basis every four (4) years.

The office of the Register of Deeds serves as a repository for all official records relating to real property (land) located in the county.
The duties and responsibilities for the county Register of Deeds are specified by state law and include recording, indexing and retaining documents that convey or encumber real property located in the county.
MCL 565.551 states that the Register of Deeds “shall furnish proper and reasonable facilities for the inspection and examination of the records and files in his or her office”.  Therefore, the Register of Deeds office is also a research facility in which attorneys, title companies, banks and the public may inspect, examine, review and/or copy (for a $1.00 per page copy fee) any document pertaining to interest in real property.
As stated in the Subdivision Control Act 288 of 1967, the Register of Deeds also serves as Chairperson of the County Plat Board.  The Plat Board reviews proposed subdivision plats prior to their submission to the state.  Other members of the plat board include the County Clerk, who serves as board secretary and the County Treasurer.
Updated October 04, 2022