Mason County Michigan

Pet Adoption


You have decided that you and your family are ready to adopt a pet.  First I want to thank you for deciding to adopt a shelter animal.  By adopting a dog or cat from your local shelter you not only save a life, but, you are also helping to control the pet population.  All of our cats and dogs are required to be spayed/neutered within 30 days of adoption, with the exception of puppies and kittens, which will be given a grace period until they are 6 months old.  Some things to consider before adopting a new dog or cat.
A dog, with the usual costs will run about $400.00 a year.  They need daily exercise, either a place to run or a daily walk with a ball toss thrown in, for a good work out for both you and your dog.  State law requires a minimum of a clean dry shelter and bedding, if straw is used, it must be clean and replaced as often as necessary.  Food and water must be available every day and the dog must be contained in your yard either by a fence, kennel, leash or some other containment system.  It is illegal to allow your dog to leave your property unattended.  The next thing is the physical health, you have to ensure that he remains healthy and free from parasites.  Their are a lot of insects and parasites out there that can transmit diseases to your dog, this is where regular visits and discussions with your vet will ensure a long and healthy life.
Though not as regulated as dogs, cats need the same attention that any pet would need.  They can run the same costs as a dog.  They need a place to sleep, food and water and if kept in the house a litter pan.  Even though they are your responsibility, their are no leash laws for cats, they are roamers.  But, remember if your cat causes damage you are liable.
Now its time to come in and see what we have available, you can also view our animals on line at, we usually have this site updated weekly.  But, it is just not the same as coming in and seeing first hand what we have, and sometimes you will see a new animal that has not been posted yet.  Besides, you can't take the computer image for a walk and see its personality and it can’t look into your heart and make you melt.
The process of adoption is painless.  After you decide which animal you want to adopt and your family agrees, its time to start the paperwork.  First you have to fill out an adoption application; this information will help us in completing the adoption contract. Then we will go over the contract together, you sign in the required areas and then pay the adoption fee and your done. You are then on your way home to the wonderful experience of a new family member. The cost for adopting an animal from Mason County Animal Shelter is $50.00. This is due at the time of adoption, the break down is $25.00 for the adoption and a $25.00 deposit for the spay/neutering requirement. You will get the deposit returned to you in the mail after you bring proof back to the office, from your vet, that the procedure has been completed.