Mason County Michigan

Animal Control


Sarah Colbrook, Animal Control Officer

Mitchell Hamm, Animal Control Officer

305 N. Meyer Rd

Ludington, MI 49431
Ph: (231) 843-8644


Office Hours:    Monday, Tuesday and Friday, Saturday  9am -- Noon.

                          Wednesday and Thursday   3pm -- 6pm

Please visit our Office to purchase your Dog Licenses, check on missing animal friends, drop off donations or just visit with the animals that we have, you never know, one might just pull on the right string and end up a happy friend at home.

Lost and Found Pets:

If you have lost or found a pet please contact our office. We keep a list of missing pets reported to us. In many cases we may have made contact with someone who has your pet and is looking for the owner even if your pet has not been brought into our shelter.

If you are calling to report a missing pet there is some information that we need that will aid us in finding and returning your pet to you as soon as possible.  The breed, sex and color of the animal, if wearing a collar - what color and tags if any on it.  The last time you have seen your animal and where it was located.

If you are calling to report finding an animal we need breed, sex and color of the animal. If wearing a collar - what color and if it has tags, any info that are on those tags.  Where you found the animal and its physical condition.

In either case we are going to ask for an address and a phone number so that when we find the animal or owner we can quickly reunite them.

Updated April 13, 2021