Mason County Michigan

79th District Court

79th District Court of Mason County
Hon. John D. Middlebrook
304 East Ludington Avenue
Ludington, MI 49431-2121

Glenn Jackson III, Attorney Magistrate

Weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

General Information about District Courts in Michigan
District courts were created effective January 1, 1969, by Public Act 154 of 1968. They replaced all but four municipal courts as well as all the police and justice of the peace courts and circuit court commissioners (officials in each county of a circuit who had limited judicial powers and performed administrative duties). The district court is often called “the people’s court” because the public has more contact with it than any other court in the state and many people choose to represent themselves rather than hire an attorney. There are 83 counties in Michigan, but 103 districts, and many are served by more than one judge. The district court has exclusive jurisdiction over most traffic violations, civil cases where the amount disputed is not over $25,000, landlord-tenant and land-contract matters, and civil infractions. The court may also conduct marriages in a civil ceremony.

The small claims division of the district court handles disputes involving $3,000 or less. Matters may be heard by the district judge or by an attorney magistrate. The parties waive their right to be represented by an attorney, the right to a jury trial, the application of evidence rules, and any right to appeal, unless decided by an attorney magistrate, whose decision may be appealed to the district judge. If either party wants to retain these rights, the case is removed from the small claims docket and is heard in the court’s general civil division.

The district court handles a wide range of criminal proceedings, including disposition of misdemeanors (offenses for which the maximum possible penalty does not exceed one year in jail) and conducting preliminary examinations in felony cases, after which, if the prosecutor provides sufficient proofs and the district judge so finds, the felony case is transferred to the circuit court for arraignment and subsequent disposition. A district court judge may appoint an attorney to represent persons who cannot afford a lawyer and may go to jail if convicted. Extraditions to another state for a pending criminal charge, coroner inquests, and issuance of search warrants are also handled in district court.

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