Mason County Michigan

Zoning Ordinance

Amendments effective 6-29-2018
ARTICLE 1 to ARTICLE 2: Title, Purpose, Interpretation, Definitions
ARTICLE 3 to ARTICLE 14:  General Provisions, Zoning Districts (AG, RE, RR, R, F, MHP, C-1, C-2, C-3, I)  
ARTICLE 15:  Airport Overlay Zone
ARTICLE 16 to ARTICLE 20: Special Land Use Conditions, Special Land Use Requirements,Site Plan Review, Parking and Loading, Sign Regulations
ARTICLE 21 to ARTICLE 26: Access Management Highway Overlay Zone, Condominium Regulations, Planned Unit Development (PUD), Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), Administration 
Section 17.70, Utility Grid Wind Energy Systems Zoning Ordinance (Wind Turbines)
Section 17.72, Utility Grid Solar Energy Systems Zoning Ordinance (Solar Panels)

The Mason County Planning Commission is currently undergoing a review of the Mason County Zoning Ordinance. Completion of the update is projected for late 2023; however, that is subject to change as the process continues. A community survey to kick off the process was made available to the public in 2022. The results of the community survey can be found below. Once a new draft of the proposed Zoning Ordinance is complete, it will be available here. 
Mason County Zoning Survey 2022 Results