Mason County Michigan

Municipal Junk Authority of Mason County

The Zoning Department works in cooperation with the Municipal Junk Authority of Mason County to enforce a uniform junk ordinance in the townships of Amber, Branch, Custer, Eden, Meade, Riverton, Victory, and the Village of Custer.   
For complaints regarding junk in the above Townships or the Village of Custer contact the Zoning Fieldperson, Chris Kotecki, at (231) 757-9345 ext. 313. An anonymous tip will be accepted, but we prefer to have contact phone number for follow up questions, if needed.  When filing a complaint,  please provide the name of the Township and address of the parcel believed to be in violation. If the parcel has no known address, provide detailed information on the location such as the nearest known address or cross street. 
For the 2024 Junk Authority meeting schedule, click here