Mason County Michigan

Lake Winds Energy Park

  Summary of Results: Post Construction Sound Survey for Lake Winds Energy Park (text only). For the complete study and results, please contact Fabian Knizacky, County Administrator, with a Freedom of Information Act request (
2013 Shadow Flicker Study Results (Power Point Presentation)
LWEP Sound Mitigation Plan

2015 Post Construction Sound Survey Results

Noise Level Compliance Report, 2016

Appendix to Noise Level Compliance Report, 2016

Noise Level Compliance Report, 2017

Bird and Bat Post-Construction Fatality Study, 2013-2015 and Appendix A

Bird and Bat Post Construction Study, Appendix B and C

For more information regarding the Lake Winds Energy Park, which contains 56 wind turbine generators located in Riverton and Summit Townships, go to or call toll free, 1-855-352-5394.