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Property Tax Records Search


The Mason County Treasurer’s Office and Mason County Equalization Department have cooperated in making Mason County’s assessment and tax rolls available online.  This service is being offered free of charge to current property owners.

This service provides the following property tax information from Mason County’s assessment and tax roll records:

  • Governmental jurisdiction (city, village or township) and parcel identification number
  • Current property owner, mailing address and property address
  • Current and prior tax year Taxable Value, Assessed Value and State Equalized Value (SEV)
  • Current tax year Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) percentage (formerly known as Homestead Exemption)
  • Tax (legal) description and current tax year property class
  • Current and prior year property tax information by season (summer, winter & village) as originally levied
  • Delinquent tax information with current payoffs available
  • Available sale information
  • Building Department information

Additionally, this information is open to the general public for a fee. Please see for the above mentioned information and fee schedule.

The database is searchable by parcel number, owner name, or address number.  Individual property records are printable utilizing your web browser.


Please call 231 843-8411 to receive delinquent tax information over the phone at no cost.

There is a fee of $1.25 per parcel for a printed Tax History to be emailed to you.

To request a Tax History for a parcel or for several parcels, 

please email requests to:

Mari Jo Lange at 


Mason County Property Tax Records Search

AccessMyGov Property Search

Mason County has partnered with BS&A Software Programs to offer property record information through AccessMyGov services. Property owners can view their personal information free of charge. However, any other entities wishing to view this information will be required to pay a fee as shown on the website above.