Mason County Michigan

Dog License Information

We are currently selling 2024 - 2027 dog licenses.
Mason County offers 1 and 3 year dog licenses. In order to purchase a 3 year dog license, you need to have just recieved the 3 year rabies booster shot and have 3 years remaining until needed again. All licenses expire during month that rabies are due.

Licenses can be purchased at the Mason County Animal Control office (behind Walmart on Meyers Rd) or the Treasurer's office (at the Courthouse in Ludington).  All dogs 4 months and older that reside within Mason County are required by law to wear a Mason County dog license at all times.  A proof of current rabies vaccination is required for the license. If your dog is spayed or neutered, a copy of that record is also required for the discounted license.

License fees:
                                                          Spayed/Neutered            Male/Female

                   1 year license                         $10.00                         $20.00
                   Delinquent                              $40.00                         $40.00
                   3 year license                         $30.00                         $60.00
                   Delinquent                              $60.00                         $80.00
Please remember that the rabies vaccination tag is not a dog license. You need to renew your dog's license annually.  Licenses are available year round.  If you do not renew your license during your dogs rabies vaccination month or have not been current during the past year, you will be charged the delinquent rate.

Payable by cash, check or credit card

Mason County Dog License Application