Mason County Michigan

Mission and Vision Statement



The mission of the Masson County Sheriff's Office is to enforce the laws of the State of Michigan and to protect the innocent from those who would violate those laws by diligent traffic enforcement, thorough criminal investigation and by the humane incarceration of those sentenced by the courts.

The power and authority of the sheriff to accomplish this mission derives from the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Michigan. It does not come from a city charter, a governor, a judge or a president; it comes from " We the people".



The purpose of the Mason County Sheriff's Office is to fulfill the mission of the Sheriff.

This is done by the following:

PRIDE: Being professional in our conduct on and off duty and conducting ourselves to a higher standard through excellence, training and self-discipline.

TRADITION: Remembering the heritage of those who have gone before and the heritage we will leave for those who follow.

HONOR: Developing our personal character through leadership, due diligence and self-reflection. Doing what is right no matter the cost and protecting the dignity of those we serve.