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The Mason County
Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)



LEPC meets quarterly each year.  For the 2023 meeting schedule, click here.  The Mason County LEPC is a state mandated committee that is charged with the emergency planning requirements for all facilities that have hazardous chemicals.  The LEPC is a collection of public and private industry representatives that works to maintain the off-site emergency response plans required by SARA Title III Section 302, and strives to educate the public on preparedness issues.

LEPC members are appointed to the committee by the Mason County Board of Commissioners to represent the diverse entities in our commuity such as:  local government, law enforcement, transportation, education, environmental, agriculture, community groups, fire services, etc.   New members or perspective members are encouraged to view the LEPC welcome packet, click here, to learn more about the committee's function.  If you are interested in becoming part of the LEPC team, please contact the emergency management office at 231-845-5911. 

If you are a facility subject to SARA Title III regulations you are required to submit an annual Tier II Report by the March 1st deadline EVERY year.  Mason County LEPC accepts hard copies or e-mailed copies of the Tier II form.  For more information on Tier II reporting, -please contact the emergency management office at 231-845-5911.


* Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, meetings may be attended virtually.

To participate virtually, please visit this website on the day of the meeting (up to two hours before) and obtain the

agenda and the meeting link*



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