Mason County Michigan

MCTC COVID-19 Notice

Notice to Public Regarding General Court Operations

Court hearings that, by necessity, take place with remote participants appearing via videoconferencing can be observed by clicking on the YouTube channel links listed below to access the virtual-courtroom livestreaming of the respective courts.

If you would like to observe a specific hearing, call the office of the court in which the hearing is to be held to request scheduling information.

In the wake rising COVID-19 cases locally, the Mason County courts are taking preventative measures to reduce the risk to the public from the spread of the virus.

Effective November 19, 2020, the courthouse will be open, on a limited basis, under the following conditions:

  1. Face coverings/masks are required to be worn at all times while in the building.
  2. Screening for COVID-19 symptoms will be required prior to entry.
  3. Visitors shall follow social-distancing practices.
  4. Public entry must be made on the east side of the building at the ground-floor entrance. Visitors shall exit at the west side of the building, except those requiring accessible accommodations.
  5. Members of the public are requested to refrain from conducting nonessential business in person at this time. Efforts should be made to conduct affairs electronically, telephonically, or virtually, if possible.
  6. Court hearings will be held remotely, to the extent possible, especially for nonessential matters.
  7. Please contact the court in which your hearing is being held if you have questions about upcoming hearings or document-filing procedures:
Circuit Court: 231-845-0516
District Court: 231-843-4130
Probate Court: 231-843-8666
Juvenile Court: 231-845-1213
Friend of the Court: 231-843-4791

Please note that these conditions may change, based upon recommendations or orders received from federal, state, or local authorities. If that happens, further public notices will be issued.

The Honorable Jeffrey C. Nellis
Chief Judge/Mason County Probate Judge

The Honorable Susan K. Sniegowski
51st Circuit Court Judge

The Honorable John D. Middlebrook
79th District Court Judge

Advice-of-Rights Forms

If you are a self-represented defendant or are an attorney representing a defendant in a pending criminal case to which you intend to enter a plea and will also be appearing in court remotely via videoconferencing to do so, please download the appropriate advice-of-rights form and then print, read, and execute prior to your scheduled hearing.

Instructions for submitting the signed document to the court in which the case was heard will be given to you at the time of the plea-taking.

Report comments or concerns about the content of this courts webpage to the court technology coordinator.
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