Mason County Michigan


PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED AMENDMENTS:  March 1, 2018 (7:00 PM) at Graystone Event Center (next to Holiday Inn Express), 4079 W. US-10, Ludington MI. 

Summary of Amendments

Text of Proposed Amendments

Results of Online Survey regarding Zoning Ordinance Update (2016)

NOTE:  Drafts of the changes to the zoning ordinance are posted below-- this is "a work in progress".   Draft language often changes due to suggestions and input at the meetings.  A finalized draft of all changes will be posted when the amendment process is finished and will be presented at a public hearing. If you have any comments about language you see in a draft, please send us an e-mail and it will be given to the Planning Commission. 

DRAFT 3- Home Business/Home Occupation, accessory dwellings, minimum dwelling size

DRAFT 6- Home Business/Home Occupation, accessory dwellings, minimum dwelling size, wireless communication support facilities (internet, wifi, cellular, etc), sign regulations.

DRAFT 7- Farm markets, agribusiness, agritourism

DRAFT 8- Non conforming structures (expansion), accessory building on parcel with no dwelling, sidewalks, religious assembly and other items.

DRAFT 10- Keeping of Animals (including RR), campgrounds, bunk houses, natural river (map change)

DRAFT 13- Increase in accessory building sizes, allowing aceesory building on parcel with no dwelling (min. 10 acres), changes to grading requirements, zero-lot line clarification, extension of camping on parcel with no dwelling from 90 to 120 days. 

Summary of Amendments - A general summary of all amendments-- please refer to Draft 13 above for the most recent detailed changes.