Mason County Michigan

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Mason County Register of Deeds

Mason County Register of Deeds document images from June 23, 1840 through present day are available online.

For the frequent user, please refer to the Laredo pre-paid subscription based plan.

For the occassional user, please refer to the Tapestry credit card, pay as you go plan.


All recorded Mason County land corners and subdivision plats are available online (images & indexes).  

The indexes are not construed to be true and complete; rather it is a working index subject to error, ommission and future modification.  Every effort is made to be accurate in the presentation of indexed data, however, errors can and do occur.  Consequently, the indexes provided do not constitute a certification as to its accuracy.

The Mason County Register of Deeds office is continuing to work on indexing documents recorded prior to April, 1941.  Please be patient as this is a very long process and secondary to our everyday recordings and current customers.  Thank you.
Updated October 22, 2018