Mason County Michigan




Mason County Emergency Management Office

The emergency management office is responsible for community preparedness and planning for natural and man-made disasters. In a nutshell, it is Homeland Security at the most local level. The emergency management coordinator works with all of the local emergency response disciplines to ensure that all training, plans, and equipment are ready to serve the citizens of Mason County in the event of a disaster.
 While the local first responders (Police, Fire, and EMS) handle the daily emergencies that occur within the county, the emergency management office prepares and responds to emergencies that are unique in nature or overwhelm the resources of the first responders.
In addition to ensuring that our community's first responders are ready for a disaster, the emergency management office strives to ensure the individual citizens of Mason County are equipped to handle a disaster. For more information on preparing for your family or community click on the appropriate link to the left.
The emergency management coordinator doesn't "run the show" when a disaster happens, but does the more important job of coordinating resources and information, and communicating with the State for the emergency response community.
 If you would like to learn more about Mason County's emergency management efforts, learn what hazards are being planned for,  or would like to volunteer/assist in preparing the community, please contact the emergency management office at 231-845-5911.