Mason County Michigan

MCTC Covid-19 Notice

Notice to Public Regarding General Court Operations

In the wake of the Declaration of Emergency regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19), the Mason County Courts are taking preventative measures to reduce the risk to the public from the spread of the virus. Effective immediately, the courts will close to the public, except for essential services, until April 13, 2020, as follows:

  1. All nonessential matters will be adjourned.
  2. Measures will be taken, when possible, to use video or telephonic communications for these essential hearings.
  3. When essential hearings are conducted, per Michigan Supreme Court order, courtroom and other spaces are limited to 10 persons.
  4. Please contact the court in which your hearing is being held if you have questions about upcoming hearings:
Circuit Court: 231-845-0516
District Court: 231-843-4130
Probate Court: 231-843-8666
Juvenile Court: 231-845-1213
Friend of the Court: 231-843-4791

Please note that these conditions may change, based upon recommendations or orders received from federal, state, or local authorities. If that happens, further public notices will be issued.

Jeffrey Nellis, Chief Judge/Mason County Probate Judge

Susan Sniegowski, Mason County Circuit Court Judge

Peter Wadel, Mason County District Court Judge

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Notice to Public Regarding 79th District Court Operations

The 79th District Court of Mason County is closed until at least April 13, 2020, except for the essential functions enumerated below:

  1. Criminal proceedings regarding incarcerated defendants, other than jury trials, will proceed as scheduled, including probable cause conferences, preliminary examinations, pretrials, and motion hearings.

  2. All other hearings are being adjourned. If you have moved or have gotten a new telephone number, please call the court and update your address so we can get you a notice for when your hearing is rescheduled.

  3. If you have received a ticket, all civil infractions are being receipted in as though they were received on the date the court reopens. Thus, you will have ten days to respond from whatever date the court reopens. If you wish to accept responsibility by mail, you may do so.

  4. If you are trying to pay on fines/costs, no payments will be taken at the window. You may pay online (see our webpage for details) or mail in a check for your fines and costs. Please note: While you will still be required to make your payments, no late fees or suspensions will be accrued while the court is closed.

  5. New Filings: All emergency motions and proposed orders may be faxed or emailed to the court. Nonemergency filings must be submitted by mail.

Should you have any questions, court staff is available by phone (231-843-4130), fax (231-845-9076), or email (

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